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●FW Ver 4.04Beta [14th September, 2020]

Purchased individually, these fonts would cost hundreds of dollars each. They are optimized to embroider beautifully on Melco embroidery machines. Each font was carefully selected based on industry demand. These are real embroidery fonts, not individual characters that require sizing, placement, kerning and spacing adjustments. Having an issue with your display, audio, or touchpad? Whether you're working on an Alienware, Inspiron, Latitude, or other Dell product, driver updates keep your device running at top performance. Step 1: Identify your product above. Step 2: Run the detect drivers scan to see available updates. Step 3: Choose which driver updates to install. USB Security Dongle Troubleshooting Steps: If the Melco USB Security Dongle is not recognized, start by moving it to a different USB port on the computer to see if Windows will then recognize it. The next step is to update to the latest Sentinel Security Driver. If the problem persists, Uninstall, and then Re-install the Melco software.

[USB-DAC Local Player]

Download Melco Usb Devices Drivers

- Roon Ready Mode added.

*MELCO won’t be 'Roon core' or 'Roon server' because Roon requires specific processor chipset for core.

- While MELCO is working as Roon Ready USB transport, MELCO won’t accept any playback requests from UPnP AV/OpenHome Controller App.

- To turn off Media Server is recommended when Roon Ready Mode. Roon Core manages all metadata.

- MELCO’s internal storage can be used as a source. All tracks will be sent to Roon Core once for processing and be sent back to MELCO to play.

- TIDAL/qobuz can be managed by Roon and play on MELCO.

- Customer can utilize the high quality volume control of Roon core by setting DSD playback mode as PCM.

●FW Ver 4.02 [28th May, 2020]

[Media Server]

- 'MinimServer'SongKong' Installer stability update

- Status Menu now supports new status property of 'MinimServer'

[Import from CD]

- Bugfix regarding specific character of metadata stops importing as error

[USB-DAC Local Player]

- Devices added for MELCO marker-less DSD

McIntosh C2700

Soulnote S-3

Download melco usb devices driver windows 10

Esoteric N-01XD K-01XD K-03XD

LUXMAN D-10x D-03x


- Bugfix for specific file can be played only from front-panel, cannot from App.

[Web Remote]

Download Melco USB devices driver

- Now the setting is persistent after power off or reboot.


- [OTOTOY] Retry within the session added when bought files are not ready on site.

- [mora] Support for requirement update.

●Ver. 4.01 [16th December, 2019]

MELCO Music Library System Software Ver 4.01 for N1EX/N10/N100

[Changes from N10/N100 1.03]

- Supports N1 EX Series Hardware

Download Melco Usb Devices Driver Free

Home Screen for N1 EX

2-Drives RAID supoort

Power LED Brightness/RJ45 LED Control

Dedicated Expansion/Backup/USB-DAC ports

[New Support features]

- Web Remote .. Control MELCO from any web browsers

- Internal Drive Check .. Same capability as N1 3.91

[New Server features]

- Media Server Selection .. Twonky Server/Minim Server/Off are available

- Song Kong Installer/Controller

Minim Server is a popular UPnP/Open Home Media Server which supports various tags.

Song Kong for MELCO Lite is a tool to obtain various tags available online.

With them, you can utilize extended tags for rich browsing experience. MELCO provides navigation tree indexes for Classical/Jazz/Rock and Pops.

*Minim Server and Song Kong can be updated separately from MELCO System Update.

*When Minim Server is available, Twonky Server is disabled and some features depend on Twonky Server also be disabled.

(ex. Playback using buttons on N1/N10/N100)


*Song Kong/Minim Server takes more time to startup than Twonky Server. You can use them after 2 minutes from boot up or enable.

*After Minim Server/Song Kong are activated, new share folder named Log will be appeared for trouble investigation.

*Please contact Song Kong and Minim Server directly if any questions.

Song Kong:

Minim Server:

Media Server Off is useful for non-UPnP environment or non-server use.

[New USB-DAC local player features]

- Song Title/Artist Name for MELCO Localplay front panel playback

- Marker-less DSD support : Mark Levinson No5805/Ayre QB-9 twenty/PRIMARE i15

- vTuner internet radio browser can be used on MELCO Music HD app

[New CD import features]

- Song titles can be seen before importing


- Support Drive Tray Control with DOWN button


- New Song Title Font supports Chinese and Korean Characters

- USB-DAC local player: over 2GB WAV file can be played again

- New Time zone Option for China Standard and Taipei

- Behavior of OTOTOY downloader

- More stability for various environment

- Notice when backup without date/time settings.