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The driver matches and the port matches the LPT1 port on the back of the NeoWare thin client. My problem is this: Citrix will not display this HP LasetJet 5P printer that is connected to LPT1 in the back of the NeoWare unit as an available printer for the NeoWare user or any of our other users. Microsoft SQL Server Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 SP1 6.1.400.0. Provides the capabilities for Operations Manager 2007 to discover SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 i.

Drivers Warning Letter

Neoware Systems is rolling out technology that company officials said removes a major barrier to the broad adoption of thin-client architecture.

The thin-client vendor last week released Neoware Image Manager, which streams a single software image that contains the operating system, applications and hardware drivers from a central server to thin clients and PCs.

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The technology gives those devices the performance and flexibility of a traditional PC while maintaining the manageability and security features of a thin-client environment.

The technology can also make thin clients less expensive to use. With Neoware Image Manager, users can run Microsofts Windows XP Embedded or Windows XP Professional on a thin client without tapping costly flash storage because the client can access storage on a server.


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Neoware Image Manager will be bundled with Neoware thin clients or sold as a stand-alone product to be used with other thin clients and with PCs.


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