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We’ve identified nine states where the typical salary for a CDL Truck Driver job is above the national average. Topping the list is Massachusetts, with Hawaii and Connecticut close behind in second and third. Connecticut beats the national average by 4.7%, and Massachusetts furthers that trend with another $3,549 (6.8%) above the $51,910. Incom is the world’s leader in polymer and glass microstructure innovation. Our newest revolutionary technologies range from the highest resolving imaging optic ever made to the world’s largest and fastest MCP based photodetector. Incom’s customers are researchers and instrument makers at the forefront of technology.

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If you’re searching for employment or planning to move to Dubai, now is perhaps the best time for it. The city was recently voted amongst the top three cities to live and work in the Middle East. Dubai takes precedence over other cities in regards to the number of accessible jobs, lucrative wages, professional growth, holiday grants and reimbursements provided to working parents. However, car drivers, bus drivers or truck drivers are all good employment options for those who don’t like to work within the confines of an office building or may lack the necessary qualifications. Driver jobs in Dubai are fairly abundant and in high demand.

What is the job description for drivers in Dubai?

A driver is responsible for the following tasks:

Low Income Drivers Ed

  • Driver must be familiar in using route navigation apps in fulfilling his duty of transporting people or goods from one place to another in time
  • Drivers must also interact with other people in a professional manner and maintain records of the delivery or transport
  • Work overtime during weekdays and even weekends whenever necessary
  • Driver must do regular maintenance checks on the car or delivery van
  • Driver must be skilled to drive during inclement weather conditions and knows how to troubleshoot minor car repairs needed if necessary

What is the salary range for drivers in Dubai?

The average salary for drivers in Dubai is around 3500 AED but taxi drivers may even earn up to 4500-5000 AED. Dubai driver jobs may demand working hours varying anywhere between 8 to 12 hours. Candidates should have a minimum of one year experience and other than that a valid UAE driving license is required for those who seek driver jobs. Adequately trained drivers are in high demand as they are more compliant to certain road conditions and unreliable situations. These qualities greatly reduce the threat of causing or avoiding an accident.

What are the qualifications for driver jobs?

Properly trained drivers should also have the capability to drive a car vigilantly in a safe and sound manner, stick to firm time schedules and in accordance with traffic rules. All these data must be included in the driver’s CV or resume. Drivers also need to make sure that the motor vehicle is maintained in exceptional conditions and kept clean on a daily basis. An in-depth understanding of maintaining vehicles is required along with performing regular checks such as replenishing fuel supplies, oil changing and other minor jobs. To apply for a driving job in Dubai, candidates should have a good knowledge of Dubai roads and be a trustworthy driver with good driving abilities. It is also essential to have an understanding of the driving laws of the country.


What are the popular jobs for drivers in the UAE?

  • Route Driver
  • Package Delivery Driver
  • Driver (Part-Time)
  • Package Delivery Driver (Seasonal)
  • Bus Driver
  • Taxi Driver
  • Uber Driver

What are the popular industries for drivers in Dubai?

Incom Driver
  • Automotive/Parts Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Government/Public Service/Military
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Nursing
  • Restaurant & Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Technology
  • Trades
  • Transportation/Warehousing/Logistics

Below is a comprehensive list of driver jobs available in Dubai. The list includes job roles, description, location, and more information to help job seekers land a driver job in Dubai.

F1 is a highly demanding sport and thousands of individuals fight for the 20 seats on the grid. Therefore, the grid showcases some of the best drivers around the world. As is to be expected, the best in the business also pocket huge salaries through the season.

The Business Book GP published the ranking of Formula 1 drivers’ salaries this season. The added salaries of all the drivers on the grid come down to a total of $163.5 million.

The seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton, is also the highest-paid driver at the paddock and pockets a salary of $47 million. Hamilton accounts for 28.75% of the total grid’s pay alone. Meanwhile, Alfa Romeo’s Antonio Giovinazzi ranks at the bottom of the list with a salary of $500,000.

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Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo complete the F1 earning podium

Incom Driver

It is undisputed that Lewis Hamilton ranks number 1 by a large margin on this table as well. Reportedly, he is also the biggest earner per sponsored post, earning around €57, 820 per paid post.

According to the report, “this season’s ranking there are two aspects to consider, namely the exclusion from the figures of the bonus prizes (especially important for the drivers with the lowest salaries).

Sebastian Vettel follows Hamilton’s $47 million with a total salary of $35 million. The four-time world champion is the second-highest earner on the grid, with Daniel Ricciardo being the third-highest earner as Renault pays him $20 million.

Income Driven Repayment Plan

Here’s a list of the 2020 grid’s salary table:

Incom Driver License Test

  1. Lewis Hamilton, $47 million
  2. Sebastian Vettel, $35 million
  3. Daniel Ricciardo, $20 million
  4. Max Verstappen, $16 million
  5. Valtteri Bottas, $9 million
  6. Charles Leclerc, $9 million
  7. Kimi Raikkonen, $6 million
  8. Carlos Sainz, $4.5 million
  9. Sergio Perez, $4 million
  10. Esteban Ocon, $4 million
  11. Romain Grosjean, $2 million
  12. Kevin Magnussen, $2 million
  13. Alex Albon, $2 million
  14. Lando Norris, $1.5 million
  15. Lance Stroll, $1.5 million
  16. Pierre Gasly, $1 million
  17. Daniil Kvyat, $750,000
  18. George Russell, $750,000
  19. Nicholas Latifi, $750,000
  20. Antonio Giovinazzi, $500,000

Incom Drivers License

It is expected that Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas will enjoy considerable growth in their 2021 salaries. The younger drivers get paid significantly less. However, their contract provides them with substantial performance-based bonuses. Pierre Gasly is reported to earn a bonus double his base salary after his first Grand Prix win this season.