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We offer two RESTful APIs: A server API which is used by the merchants in a server-to-server setup and a client API which is used by clients like desktops, laptops, mobile phones and other internet connected devices. For both APIs we offer a detailed API reference that lists all the functionalities and how to use them.

If your payment terminal is a portable machine that uses a SIM, the communication method is GPRS (Mobile / SIM); If your payment terminal has a base unit and is connected to your internet line, the communication method is Bluetooth (IP / Broadband); If your payment terminal has a base unit and is connected to your standard telephone line, the communication method is. Download drivers or product specifications for Ingenico smart terminals with PaymentMate Terminal Edition. Supported devices: Lane, Desk, Move, Link and iSelf.

The Ingenico iSMP4 is a lightweight, Wi-Fi connected device that makes it easy to accept payments on the go, including MSR (magnetic stripe), EMV (chip), and NFC (contactless) payments. Connected directly to Bolt via a Wi-Fi connection, the iSMP4 protects your transactions with a powerful combination of EMV technology and point-to-point. BFC provides the Ingenico drivers on the site and the site. Once logged into the site, select the Support link on the bottom left navigation and select the correct Ingenico USB drivers. There is a default Microsoft driver when the equipment is initially plugged. PIN Pad Support Topics and Resources for the PIN Pads we Support PIN Pad Interface Settings EMV Parameter Download Ingenico Screen Calibration Get to know the EMV PIN pads we support All Countertops Signature Capture Mobile Tablets Add-ons Unattended Ingenico Link/2500 Ingenico Move/5000 Ingenico iSMP4 Ingenico iWL 258 Ingenico iCMP Ingenico Lane/5000 Ingenico Lane/7000 Ingenico.

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Server API

The server API enables merchants to access the Ingenico ePayments platform functionality such as payments, initiating hosted checkouts, creating profiles, and much more. All these calls require the caller to have a secret API key that merchants can look up in their Configuration Center account.

Client API

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The client API enables mobile phones, browsers, and apps to access the hosted data on the Ingenico ePayments platform such as detailed information about the available payment products, profile management, and public keys used for encrypting sensitive data. These calls require a session id that the merchant can create using the server API.