Ip-com Driver

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FamilyCategoryPart NumberNameFoundryProcess NodeBitsTechnologyStatus
Power ManagementReferencesCM1014ff 15.5nA Current Bias with output trimmingSilTerra0.18um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementReferencesCM1015gf 17.5nA Current Bias enableTowerJazz0.18um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementReferencesCM1016ff 16nA Resistive Current BiasSilTerra0.18um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementLDOCM1112ae Linear Voltage RegulatorXFAB0.35um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementReferencesCM1214ff ULP Bandgap ReferenceSilTerra0.18um-CMOSSilicon Available
Power ManagementReferencesCM1215ff Bandgap Voltage ReferenceSilTerra0.18um-CMOSSilicon Available
Power ManagementReferencesCM1217hf Low-Noise, High PSRR Bandgap Voltage ReferenceTSMC0.18um-CMOSSilicon Available
Power ManagementReferencesCM1218hl0.5V Bandgap Voltage ReferenceTSMC0.04um-CMOSSilicon Available
Power ManagementReferencesCM1223ff ULP Bandgap Voltage ReferenceSilTerra0.18um-CMOSGDS Available
Power ManagementPMUCM1311bg Ultra Low Power PMULFoundry (SMIC)0.15um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementPMUCM1312ffUltra Low Power PMUSilTerra0.18um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementPMUCM1313ff General Purpose PMUSilTerra0.18um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementPORCM1412aePower-On Reset (POR)XFAB0.35um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementPORCM1413ff Power-On Reset (POR)SilTerra0.18um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementPORCM1413ffmPower-On Reset (POR)SilTerra0.16um-CMOSSilicon Available
Power ManagementPORCM1414ffPower-On Reset (POR)SilTerra0.18um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementPORCM1419ffmPower-On Reset (POR)SilTerra0.16um-CMOSSilicon Available
Power ManagementReferencesCM1511aeLow-Power Combo Voltage and Current ReferencesXFAB0.35um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementBattery ManagementCM1711ffLinear Li-Ion Battery ChargerSilTerra0.18um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Power ManagementBattery ManagementCM1712ffLinear Li-Ion Battery ChargerSilTerra0.18um-BCDSilicon Proven
Power ManagementBattery ManagementCM1713ffLinear Li-Ion Battery ChargerSilterra0.18um-BCDGDS Available
Data ConvertersAnalog-Digital Converters (ADC)CM2012gf8-bit SAR ADCTowerJazz0.18um8CMOSSilicon Proven
Data ConvertersAnalog-Digital Converters (ADC)CM2013aeLow-Power 10-bit SAR ADCXFAB0.35um10CMOSSilicon Proven
Data ConvertersAnalog-Digital Converters (ADC)CM2111bg8-bit Time-based ADCLFoundry (SMIC)0.15um8CMOSSilicon Available
Data ConvertersAnalog-Digital Converters (ADC)CM2311de11-Bit, 2MSPS SAR ADC/DAC Subsystem AMS0.35um11CMOSSilicon Available
Data ConvertersDigital-Analog Converters (DAC)CM3011bg10-bit DACLFoundry (SMIC)0.15um10CMOSSilicon Available
Clock ManagementOscillatorCM4013ae12 MHz Low-Power OscillatorXFAB0.35um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Clock ManagementOscillatorCM4014ff2MHz OscillatorSilTerra0.18um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Clock ManagementOscillatorCM4015gf4MHz OscillatorTowerJazz0.18um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Clock ManagementOscillatorCM4018hlfFlexible 200kHz-20MHz OscillatorTSMC0.04um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Clock ManagementOscillatorCM4033ffULP 32.768kHz oscillatorSilTerra0.18um-CMOSGDS Available
Clock ManagementOscillatorCM4034ff6MHz 3.3V ±1% PVT Low-Power Oscillator SilTerra0.18um-CMOSGDS Available
Clock ManagementOscillatorCM4035ff6MHz 1.8V ±1% PVT Low-Power OscillatorSilTerra0.18um-CMOSGDS Available
Clock ManagementOscillatorCM4036ffTrue-ULP 32768Hz RTC Oscillator SilTerra0.18um-CMOSGDS Available
Sensors & ActuatorsSensorsCM6011aeCapacitive SensorXFAB0.35um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Sensors & ActuatorsActuatorsCM6111ae30V/20mA Power Driver/SwitchXFAB0.35um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Sensors & ActuatorsSensorsCM6214ffGP ULP Temperature Sensor SilTerra0.18um-CMOSGDS Available
Analog & RF Front-EndsRFCM9011ffUHF Passive RFID Analog/RF Front-EndSilTerra0.18um-CMOSSilicon Proven
Sensors & ActuatorsSensorsCM6217coGeneral Purpose Temperature SensorGlobalFoundries22nm10FD-SOIGDS Available
Sensors & ActuatorsSensorCM6216eaUltra low power, high-precistion, extended range temperature sensorUMC250nm-CMOSUnder development

The company has more than 200 IP blocks in process nodes from 40nm to 0.35um of various foundries. Since its foundation in 2008, Chipus has provided IC design services in technologies down to 10nm with firm commitment and flexible client support to customers worldwide (North and South America, Europe, and Asia). To install the printer driver for the IP Series printer follow the steps below 1. Download the folder to your Desktop. Right-Click on the folder, choose Extract All. Double-click on extracted IPSeries3010000PrinterDriver folder. Double-click on the IP-Series.exe file. Follow the instructions on screen to install the driver.

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Ingenico iCT250 (Ingenico iCT250)ICT250-11P2198A312230.98OutOfStockBrand New
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Part Number(s): ICT250-11P2198A


Make sure to enter your processor in the configurations dropdown. The ICT terminals are semi-proprietary and you must order the correct version for it to work with your current processor. If you process with Elavon, please purchase the Elavon version of the ICT250.

Ip Cam Driver Alternative

The current ICT250 PN ICT250-11P2198A replaces the previous PN: iCT250-01P1100F and is the most current version available.

The iCT250 can work with NFC enabled phones and Apple Pay when setup with a processor that supports it. Not all processors support NFC or Apple Pay payments. If you are interested in accepting Apple Pay mobile payments, we are apple pay compatible. Please contact us for more information about accepting Apple Pay.

The iCT250 is a great all around terminal from Ingenico. It offers many features that are only found on terminals costing twice as much. The iCT250 offers Ethernet/IP processing as well as traditional dial connectivity and will allow for newer EMV (Chip and PIN) standards once they are adopted by card associations. The iCT250 includes a thermal printer and an internal PINpad for PIN debit transactions.

Supplies and Accessories

Receipt Paper
Nurit, Equinox, Verifone, Dejavoo, Ingenico 42 ft Thermal Paper (Case)

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Detailed Description:

Highest Security

The iCT200 Series meets the highest security requirements and is PCI-PTS 2.x and 3.x certified with SRED and open protocol modules. The optional PIN privacy shield provides additional confidentiality of PIN entry.

All Payment Options

Offering EMV Chip & PIN, MagStripe & Contactless payment, the iCT200 Series also enables new NFC couponing and wallet use cases.

Designed for Merchants

Ip cam drivers for windows

Among the world's smallest and lightest devices, the iCT200 Series is designed for easy handling and daily use. Backlit keypad and perfect color LCD display readability make PIN entry and menu navigation very intuitive. Large keys, power buzzer and visual indicators simplify transactions while reducing PIN-entry errors.

All Connectivity & Communication

Equipped with an unparalleled array of communication technologies, such as fast modem, Ethernet, GPRS or 3G, the iCT200 Series delivers anytime, anywhere connectivity.

Brand Promotion

Brand promotion is empowered by a color graphic display, software customization and various possibilities to personalize hardware (top casing, printer cover flap or lens).

Telium 2

Powered by Ingenico, Telium 2 technology is the result of 30 years' experience in the payment industry. Secure, highly integrated and fast, Telium 2 is the world best platform to provide payment services and a library of over 2000 applications. Empowered with its 'Advanced functions', it can easily manage graphical libraries and handle new apps development in business services. Telium 2 is a fully scalable, reliable operating system embedded into the 20 million terminals deployed worldwide.