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Leadtek Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver
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  • Brand Leadtek Graphics Engine GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6G Memory Clock 12.0 Gbps Memory Size 6GB Memory Type GDDR6 Save 6% Leadtek Geforce WinFast RTX 2080 Ti HURRICANE 11gb Graphics Card.
  • Leadtek has been dedicated to medical and health care since it invested in Wegene Technology in 2000, and has established the amor brand to develop a range of remote care, mobile medical and health IoT products. Wegene’s autonomic nerve analyzer received Taiwan certification in 2004 and obtained mainland China certification in 2008.

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TensorFlow release a new deep learning tool 'TensorFlow Lite' which helps developers to deployment AI training models on your mobile devices or other embedded devices such as Raspberry Pi.

If you are not familiar with TensorFlow Lite yet, we suggest you to get started with 'pre-trained models' section on TensorFlow website. You can also try the 'TensorFlow Lite Example apps' on your mobile phone. For mobile phone, TensorFlow Lite support both Android and iOS system.

Following shows you the result using the object detection example on TensorFlow website and deploying MobileNet SSD on mobile phone.

(Device: Google pixel 4, Deep Learning Model: MobileNet SSD)

TensorFlow Lite provides a collection of AI application examples and pre-trained models for your practice. Visit the official website and try it now!

TensorFlow Lite Website:

Leadtek Mobile Phones Samsung

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Oct. 29, 2010,Taipei, Taiwan - Leadtek Research Inc. (TAIEX: 2465), known globally for Multimedia Telecommunication Total Solutions and Extreme Cloud Computing Technology Development, is pleased to announce that its New ERA Multimedia Videophone AMOR8210 has been delivered to ChungHwa Telecom (TAIEX: 2412, NYSE: CHT) and has successfully launched in Taiwan's domestic market.

AMOR8210 features a seven-inch, high-resolution touch screen. The housing that has a built-in battery and wireless communication function can be separated from the cradle for Tablet-like manipulation. Its DECT handset allows users to make in-room phone calls cordlessly. Connecting the networking wire and traditional phone line to RJ45 and RJ11 Ports behind the cradle enables VoIP and PSTN phone calls in an easy-to-use manner.

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Leadtek also works with ChungHwa Telecom to provide Multimedia Services which replace traditional telephones and are well-established as the next generation telecom appliance for the home and office. The services consist of Video and Audio Telephony, Global Famous Cities Weather and Climate, Public Transportation Schedule Checking, Hospital Registration, Lottery, Astrology and Lunar Calendar, SMS, Taxi Booking, Medical Care, Video Recorder, Clock Setting, and Music Playback. AMOR8210 also works with Reed Switch to offer a Video Surveillance application for security enhancement. It will receive a signal from Reed Switch and start to record the video when Reed Switch is triggered by a burglary. It will also simultaneously stream the video to a backend storage server as well as send an SMS message to the head of the household's mobile. Users can use the 3G mobile to call the server to review the recorded video or make a video call to AMOR8210 for real time monitoring.

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Besides Multimedia Services, Leadtek also ships the Standard Version of AMOR8210 to major global company. It works with Leadtek's unique SIP Based PTZ IP Camera NSC3622 to strengthen the Video Surveillance application and allows its DECT handset to serve as a remote control to change the Pan/Tilt/Zoom of the IP Camera. Some Telco also integrate AMOR8210 and NSC3622 into IMS systems to benefit Video Telephony, Remote Telecare, Video Surveillance and 3G Interoperability for SMB and Home markets.

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According to In-Stat's forecast, by 2013, annual shipments of media phones worldwide will range from 23 million (partial subsidy) to more than 48 million (full subsidy), ChungHwa Telecom launched the AMOR8210 in national direct selling stores and demonstrated how AMOR8210 opens the new Telecom ERA with its brand new multimedia services. Please feel free to contact ChungHwa Telecom for more information.

About Leadtek Research Inc.
Founded in 1986, Leadtek Research Inc. is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan with overseas subsidiaries in China and Japan. Leadtek focuses on the design and manufacture of 3D graphics, PCTV solutions, GPS modules and navigation devices, Bluetooth-enabled products, Multimedia and Audio/Video Communications and Bio-technology. Living up to its reputation for reliability, quality and performance based on unrelenting R&D, Leadtek continues to stir the market's imagination, turning new dreams into digital reality with increasingly original high-tech products forged in its laboratories of cutting-edge technology.

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