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This is the online version of Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition by Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, and Greg Kroah-Hartman. Individual chapters can be downloaded in pdf format.

  • Right Click on the 'USB-EPP/I2C.CH341A' device and select Unistall' from the drop down menu. After the device is removed you can turn the power off and them back on on the laser cutter. When the computer detects the laser cutter on power up the original driver will be restored and you can use the original (LaserDRW) software again.
  • Linux-DAQ-USB v.0.2 The Linux-DAQ-USB project develops and maintains a family of Linux device drivers for USB based data acquisition systems. USB over Network v.4.7.4 A revolutionary software solution that allows you to use remote USB devices as if they were plugged into your own PC.

Book Description

Over the years, this bestselling guide has helped countless programmers learn how to support computer peripherals under the Linux operating system, and how to develop new hardware under Linux. Now, with this third edition, it’s even more helpful, covering all the significant changes to Version 2.6 of the Linux kernel. Includes full-featured examples that programmers can compile and run without special hardware.

Linx Usb Devices Driver Download Free

Table of Contents

You can also download a driver from the internet, then just double-click it to run a wizard or import the driver through Device Manager. Hardware drivers for Pinnacle / Dazzle. Studio video devices Note: The files contained in this package are hardware drivers only. Beside the driver, a compatible version of Studio is required.

  • An Introduction to Device Drivers
  • Building and Running Modules
  • Char Drivers
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Concurrency and Race Conditions
  • Advanced Char Driver Operations
  • Time, Delays, and Deferred Work
  • Allocating Memory
  • Communicating with Hardware
  • Interrupt Handling
  • Data Types in the Kernel
  • PCI Drivers
  • USB Drivers
  • The Linux Device Model
  • Memory Mapping and DMA
  • Block Drivers
  • Network Drivers
  • TTY Drivers

Download Free PDF / Read Online

Author(s): Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini and Greg Kroah-Hartman.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 11.00 MB
Number of pages: 640
Link: Download.

The Intel® Quartus® Prime software and older versions of Intel Quartus development software use built-in usb_device drivers on Linux to access the Intel FPGA Download Cable and the Intel FPGA Download Cable II. By default, root is the only user allowed to use these devices. You must change the permissions on the ports before you can use the Intel FPGA Download Cable or Intel FPGA Download Cable II to program devices with Intel Quartus development software.

You must have system administration (root) privileges to configure the Intel FPGA Download Cable drivers.

Select the appropriate RedHat Linux* Enterprise version for instructions on changing port permissions:

Driver Setup on RedHat Linux Enterprise 5 and Above

  1. Add the following lines to the /etc/udev/rules.d/51-usbblaster.rules file.
  2. Complete your installation by setting up the programming hardware in the software.
    • Setting up programming hardware in the Intel Quartus Prime software

Driver Setup on RedHat Linux Enterprise 4 and Below

  1. Add the following lines to the /etc/hotplug/usb.usermap file.
  2. Create a file named /etc/hotplug/usb/usbblaster and add the following lines to it.
  3. Make the file executable.
  4. Complete your installation by setting up the programming hardware in the software.

How To Install A Device Driver On Linux

For more information, please refer to the following user guides: