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Make Offer - Lynx Black Cat Titanium Golf Driver 10.5° RH Graphite Regular Flare 650 Lite Lynx Golf Golden Lynx2 Driver PowerTuned ExtraLight carbon 10.5./R/46inch $196.60. In golf, there are few names that resonate as strongly as Lynx Golf. Our equipment is designed using the most innovative technology for maximum enjoyment. ACCESS LYNX provides transportation under various programs. Eligibility requirements vary by program. Program determination is based on verification of the mail-in application and may also include professional verification and an in-person functional assessment. Click to download the application (English).

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Lynx Drivers Golf


Lynx XMD Driver

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Lynx XMD Driver The Lynx XMD Driver is a 460cc titainium driver with a sole design that moves weight to the perimeter to maximize MOI. The lightweight graphite shaft makes hitting smooth and easy.
Price: $99.99
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Hopkins Golf CJ-1 Wedge(3)
Lynx driver golf club

If the automatic driver installation (yelloGUI installer) does not work, you can install the USB drivers manually.

Please use the Link below to download the LYNX USB driver.

To install USB drivers:

Lynx Driver

1. Power OFF the LYNX device.

2. Power up and connect the LYNX device to your PC/Laptop.

3. Wait a few seconds for Windows to detect the new USB device.

Lynx Driver

4. Follow the instructions shown next depending on your operating system.

Windows XP:

1. Windows will ask if it can search the Internet, answer NO and click NEXT

2. Select “install from a list or specific location” and click NEXT

3. Click on BROWSE and navigate to the extracted SW package files and select the folder “Lynx USB Drivers”

4. Click OK and then click NEXT

5. Ignore Windows warning and click “Continue Anyway”

6. Click on FINISH

Windows 7

Note: Windows 7 will attempt the get the drivers automatically but will get the wrong ones or will finish the process without installing the drivers, therefore this must be completed manually:

1. Goto Control Panel > Systems > Device Manager

2. Select the USB device and right click

3. Select “Browse my Computer” then select “let me pick from a list of device drivers” and click NEXT

Lynx Driver Bb

4. Click on BROWSE and navigate to the extracted SW package files and select the folder “Lynx USB Drivers”

5. Click OK and then click NEXT

Lynx Driver Golf

Lynx Driver

Lynx Driver Cam Log In

6. Ignore Windows warning and click “Continue Anyway”

Lynx Driver 2019

7. Click on FINISH